I met Amber in highschool, we started working at the same pizza shop nearly 6 years ago. This past August Amber messaged me looking for a dress to wear to her engagement photoshoot with Billie Woods .
I had a dress in mind: The First Date Dress, a lavender bustier bodice with a draped chiffon skirt. The colour and fit couldn't have been more perfect for Amber. This beauty couple is set to wed in the fall of 2015.

Almost 6 years later, on our favourite beach with our two dogs running around us, [Nick] dropped to one knee, and pulled out a ring. A ring he had had made specially for me, on the island where we first met, by the same jeweller that had made my own mother’s wedding band. The stone was green amber, my favourite, and perfect for obvious reasons!

We had about two weeks together after the proposal before Nick left for a job in Northern BC and we were out of touch for almost 4 months. We really wanted to do something to celebrate our engagement when he returned home, and a photo shoot seemed like the perfect idea. I had had the opportunity to work with the amazing photographer Billie Woods almost 10 years ago, and was thrilled that she agreed to do the shoot for us. Having that connection, and returning to Salt Spring Island, the place where Nick and I had our first date, was really special. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was my dress for the shoot. I had bought it from a local store, but while every other aspect of our day was bursting with meaning, this dress just wasn’t doing it for me. I had a moment of brilliance when I thought of Kristi Lee and Qube Clothing. With the shoot days away I figured there was no way it would work, but I sent her a message explaining my situation. Kristi went above and beyond for me, she invited me to her house the morning of the shoot to try on a dress she thought would work. It fit perfectly and looked stunning! The colours, the fabric, the fit – it was like wearing a piece of art. Not only was I thrilled with the dress itself, but Kristi and I had been friends and coworkers when Nick and I first started dating all of those years ago. Having her be there from the first moments of our relationship to making the dress that I wore to celebrate our engagement was so incredibly special for me.

AuthorKristi Lee