I grew up in a family of five, a dad, a mom and two older brothers. In the last 15 years I cannot help but notice how quickly I am becoming my momma; dressing like, acting like, looking like and sounding like her. It all began when I noticed most of my favourite clothes to wear were kept in her closet. We would frequently show up wearing an undeniably similar outfit. Exhibit A,B and C:

The Qube items I've created in the past were all items that were missing in my closet, items I needed. This time I wanted to create something that would be missing in my Momma's closet. Something I might have borrowed if I were still living at home.

Saltspringers are practical people, but practical people don’t always want to look practical. My Mom is always taking my furry four legged little brother on hikes, so it had to be something warm, breathable and have pockets for treats. The cotton body breathes beautifully, while the long luon sleeves allow your arms to move freely. This was a perfect piece for my Momma to wear up the mountain then through town while feeling comfortable and looking cute. The little details are what make it, with a small recycled leather strap to draw in the waist for a little definition without constraint.

I will no longer be able to order this same fabric. This Cowled Tulip Top style is exclusive. Only 3 left in the shop.

AuthorKristi Lee